Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sheep and Wool after a nice rain

Well I still haven't started the shearing.. just been really exhausted lately. It seems that mid October is the standard time for shearing the Icelandics, but I thought I had better get a head start since it will be slow going for me this year. They are calling for rain most all of this next week, so we'll see how it goes. Otherwise, mid-October it will be!

It poured Friday morning, and then turned out to be a nice day. The sun came out and the wool soon dried - i couldn't help but to take a few pictures.

Wool was 'sparkingly' clean. (come to think of it, is that even a word? sparkingly? maybe it's sparkly? it's late.. i'm Maybe I should just say 'shimmering' .. that's easier to spell.

This is from little Leroy -

And Carlie- it's not very often that i can get a picture of her standing up that she's not eating! Generally, the pics of her are laying down and eating, and standing up and eating.. she has a very healthy appetite! (If you remember Moose-black ewe, from pics in the spring, she is her daughter!) She is a yearling and we look forward to her first lambing next spring!

her wool-

Cheyenne - a 2 yr old ewe, also out of Moose.

and one of our non-wool creatures, Tanna.

(who is currently seeking a new home!) Poor Tanna, nice goat - but not always so nice to the sheep. Think we're going to have to try to sell her and her buddy Hank. I'm afraid that she's going to hurt the sheep with her horns --- i might just try moving her and Hank to another field or keeping them with the rams. However, if anyone out there is in need of a couple of efficient weedeaters....

hope everyone had a great weekend!


  1. I wouldn't put her with rams. My rams tried to KILL my horned does once when there was a pasture mix up....also I have heard that a ram could also try to breed a goat. Nothing viable but a "geep" could be concieved and miscarried at about 3 months gestation. That is just my understanding, but I don't know that from experience. I did however get rid of all my horned goats because they weren't nice to my sheep. Good luck...lovely fleeces!

  2. If you were just a little closer I'd consider taking those weedeaters. I was planning on looking for a few in the spring.

    But that fleece! Whoa Nelly, is that ever beautiful. They're very photogenic aren't they?