Wednesday, October 28, 2009

And on the 9th day of Christmas..

In the evenings, I try to have some kind of little 'something' to do.. (yeah, during csi.. i can listen to those shows, but i don't care to actually "watch") So, I worked on some Christmas ornaments last night. Thinking of just glazing them white and looking for some little 'sheep bells and wool ribbon :) We'll see. I made some little ewenice buttons too (up at the top) but not sure how those will go.. they are quite the little time consumers!

Now, is it just me, or does it seem like fall is going really fast? Seems like i heard the time changes this weekend.. i sure hate to lose 'that hour of daylight in the evening!


  1. Oh NO, I forgot about time changing. Don't you just hate that? That means locking up animals in the dark....I guess The Dark Days are upon us. I love your Ewenice's. So cute.

  2. your ornaments look good enough to eat!

  3. you know I want at least 2 Ewenice ornaments. Keep me in the loop sistah.