Thursday, October 29, 2009


Actually, I think i might have a disorder here.. compulsive recycling. (but i won't go into all that)

I found another use today for the cardboard box.. between it's original purpose of shipping, and the recycling purpose here of "fire starter" the box has an added purpose now of being a disposable pottery 'throwing bat.

(for the non-potter, the bat sits on the pottery wheel head and once your pot is made, you lift the bat off the wheel head and set it aside for drying - put down another bat and you're ready to make another pot! - the other option is to throw directly on the wheel head and lift the wet pot off the wheel head, taking a chance on distorting the pot)

I have bats that i've purchased (anywhere from 13.00 to 28.00 a piece) and others that have been made out of scrap plywood, and masonite pieces.. but my collection of bats is limited to 7. So, after 7 pots are made, that's all the pots that i can throw until those 7 pots start to dry enough to remove from the bat.

All that being said - today I really needed to make more than 7 pots at a time. The cardboard was a great temporary, easy solution! In just a minute a bat can be cut out of cardboard with a utility knife and ready to use. I don't know how well they would work if using large amounts of clay, but i was throwing 1 to 2 pounds at a time and they held up quite well.

So well, i might just use them again before putting them back in the 'fire starter pile!

(after they dry out that is)

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  1. If I had any spare time, you would corrupt me with pottery. The barn shot is gorgeous!