Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pots everywhere..

Thank you to the crazy sheep lady for the invite to set up at your "Wool Open House" next week! I'm looking forward to the day, meeting your characters, and your friends. Also, I can't wait to see the wool house! (we are all going to want one!!)

In preparation for setting up next week, I have been throwing pots and pulling handles like crazy :) (well, like crazy considering Jack had the flu this past week and my belly is getting really big!)

I would suspect this will be the last batch of throwing and firing that we'll have here for a while - our baby is due in November. Meanwhile, in the coming week, these pots will be fired, glazed and fired again. All of the pots here are either Ewenice pots, or yarn bowls. New to this group, is Ewenice pitchers, serving bowls, a plate and ornaments.

These pots are drying in the throwing room downstairs:
(another beautiful sunny day like yesterday would be ideal right now!)

These are in the kiln room just finishing up with the drying stage:

And these are dry and packed in the kiln already:

If all of the pots aren't dry and ready to bisque fire tomorrow evening, I will repack them in my other kiln (which is a little smaller) and fire the pots that are ready so that I can get on to glazing. The other pots should finish drying out nicely with the heat from the kiln and be ready to fire when the first batch is complete....they'll be glazed, and finished just in time to be boxed up Friday night! Then the following week.. we'll start getting ready for the baby ;)

Any other last minute people out there?


  1. Congratulations!! How exciting!! I am very happy for you and I am looking forward to lots of baby pictures! : )
    What a great idea to have a wool open house featuring your pottery. All your pots look great and are sure to be a big hit. All the best to you!

  2. Yikes - save that plate for me :-). This is going to be so fun!

    I'm just now trying to get our farm sign painted. That's pretty darn last minute... ;-)

  3. It was so nice to meet you yesterday at the Equinox Farm Open House!! I'm enjoying the pitcher I bought too (I sort of collect creamers and small jugs and pitchers) - even more as I see the glaze in different lights. I'm imagining it with a bouquet of Black-Eyed Susans and electric-blue Salvia next summer.

    Happy baby!! Enjoy the rest of your winter with the little one!

    Deb W

  4. Hey Deb, it was great to meet you! So glad that you enjoy the pitcher :) Thank you!