Friday, October 2, 2009

Get that camera...

Out of my face!


get that camera OUT of MY face!!

Poor Emmy, i don't think she got a lot of sleep last night. She's a sweet little lamb. (despite how mean she looks in the othe pictures)

And here's an update on Myrtle:
She seems to be fitting in well with the other sheep


Maybe a little too well...
That's maybe pushing it a bit Myrtle! (not your mommy!)


  1. Thank you for the laugh. Myrtle is making herself right at home.

  2. So sorry you couldn't make the festival. Hope you are feeling better soon.

    Again, the last photo draws my eye to that loooooong double fleece blowing in the wind! How long is the staple on that? I've never spun Icelandic, and I've never spun double fleece. I don't have combs, how else could it be prepared? I have 2 requests: 1) a blog entry on this subject, featuring your fleeces, the qualities of the double coat and how to prepare them for spinning, and 2) I don't see any wooly items on your Etsy page, will you have a 'fleece for sale' post when you shear?

    Thanks !!! Get better soon

  3. Hey Deb, Thank you for the requests - I will put together an entry on spinning icelandic wool! That's a great suggestion. It can be spun without combs, by just spinning from the lock - I'll do a post on that here real soon. The staple length varies from sheep to sheep (and also depending on when we shear) but their wool grows an average of 6-8" in 6 months. I've read that their staple can grow up to 18" in a year (if they're not shorn in the fall) - that sounds hard to believe, but we did have a lamb last year with an 11" staple her first fall shearing (at about 6 mo of age) We don't have a lot of length on the fleece this year, because I sheared pretty late in the spring (and our lambs were born late as well, so their wool is much shorter than last) And to answer your second request, I hope to add 'lots' of wooly items to the etsy and blog in the near future! Thanks for the questions and suggestions! And thanks for the 'well' wishes :)

  4. Tonya,

    Myrtle is so funny with your captions! I have not left a comment in forever - I have not even posted on my blog since August 22. Wow. But I am back! I have a new camera now, and I bought a Flip video, so hope to get back at it. See you next Saturday at eh Gallatin County Pumpkin Festival, I hope.


  5. I'll be looking forward to learning more about the Icelandics as well. They are so beautiful to look at, you make me want some.

  6. Hey Tricia,
    great to hear from you! We missed you at the arts meeting! Look forward to catching up with you on Saturday.