Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Cows like to have their picture taken too..


Our Faith.. she seems to like to have her picture taken - the other one, Grace - she'd rather be eating.

We just turned the girls out in the new pasture a few days ago. They were very happy to get out of the barn! They had been cooped up for little over a week and even though the grain was good, they needed sunshine and grass :) Faith was so excited to be outside again that she ran right through the temporary fence separating them from the sheep pasture. (exactly why we kept them penned for a week! If they had got out when we first got them, we would have never been able to catch them.. it would have been like that dog on the movie "funny farm" and I'd be posting "sightings" of them running thru the town and small villages along the way) But all is well and they are settled in now.

(vintage family pic of Grandpa checking on his cows..or them checking on him)


  1. What sweet faces. What breed of cow are they? So glad you could catch them.

  2. Hey Kelly - we're not sure what breed they are other than they are out of an angus bull..

    I've been surprised at how gentle and sweet they are. Hope all is well your way! tonya