Monday, August 31, 2009

Summer wear...

Thought I'd try to take a few pictures of some of the gang before we changed their wardrobe and put them in their fall wear (freshly shorn). A lot of the Icelandics are shorn in October, after the first cold snap (when they really put the growth on their summer coat). However, we will most likely shear a little earlier than normal this year. We won't have quite the length on the wool by shearing earlier, but it will give them a head start on their winter wear!

This is Joe... I wanted to get a few good pictures of him for a "rams for sale" page on the website I'm working on. Joe has really grown into a beautiful ram this summer. I can't believe how fast he's grown! As you can see from the weeds in his face, i still need to get good pictures! lol.
Once he caught on that we were taking pictures for the web, he did strike a pose.. weeds still in the way though... He's trying to look like a tough ram here in the picture, but he really is gentle and easy to work with. We have rams that haven't been "handled" but I have to admit that this guy likes to have his head scratched.

And where did this big mushroom come from? From any other angle, she does look like a mushroom laying on the ground like this. This is our 'fluffy' Carlie. She doesn't get any grain -well, maybe an occasional treat, she just does a little 'too well' on pasture.
Next, Lambie....


Another beautiful ending to a beautiful day.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Inside the kitchen window..

Here's a bit of a change from the regular "outside the kitchen window" post..

I put up some tomatoes yesterday.. made a huge mess in the kitchen, but in the beginning stages, it looked ..pretty! I had just a little over 5 gallons of tomatoes - which made 11 quarts.. not a lot, but i don't know much about putting up tomatoes (or anything else for that matter) - so it was a good start. Other than the mess i made, it was quite enjoyable! The next batch will be made into preserves.. my favorite ;)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Lamb and Wool Post...

Wow.. it's been forever since I posted, I thought I would take some pictures today of the lambs, and do a little update on them. First, I have to say that it's been a rough two weeks with that darn barberpole worm. The past two years we used Prohibit (levasole) wormer which worked wonderful and was taken off the market last year (not sure why? ). This year, we have been using Garlic Barrier and more recently Diatamaceous Earth - and different chemical wormers when necessary. We have found that the chemical wormers have been useless this year. Our vet said that Cydectin was the only thing working these days, however it's not labeled for use in lambs under 4 months old - and I really couldn't tell a huge difference when I used it on a few of the adult sheep we have here. Fortunately, the majority of our adults have a good resistance to the barberpole, and only one of our original 10 ewes needed wormed at all this season. We're still looking forward to fall though when this worm season will be over.

Remember Ziggy?

That's little Virgil there next to him. We'll be keeping Ziggy as a ram and we'll keep Virgil as a wether. We'll be offering Ziggys twin Henry for sale this year. (I hope to have a website up and running within the next month)

Ziggy curls.


And this is our Dottie. She has just recently become friendly - she's really a beautiful lamb.

This is little Emma.. another sweet little ewe.

LeRoy curls (we'll be keeping LeRoy too as a wether)


Brother Virgil curls

And this is handsome Howie
He has the most beautiful wool of any little ram that we've ever had...

His wool is dreamy soft!
There's several other lambs out there that I'll be posting an update on soon...
Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Rabbit Hash Art Fair...

Well, if you haven't been to Rabbit Hash, Ky, it's a great place to visit - especially this weekend, come on out! This is the first year for the art fair there and they had a really good crowd today. There is always events being planned in Rabbit Hash, such as the Friday night barn dances.. and so much more. ( It's a very unique town.

I was excited to be a part of their first art fair.

I've added a few new items to my booth - such as these 4x4 painted barn quilts

And a few wool items! We will have a lot of wool to share come September when the sheep are sheared, but at this time, just 3 small bags full. Yes sir, yes sir, just 3 bags full. (looking forward to ''30" bags full.)

We had a great backdrop for our booth too! A beautiful rustic log cabin.... would love to have that cabin on our property! (who wouldn't?)

The show will be going on tomorrow, Sunday from 12-5.. so if you're up for a scenic drive, stop on by!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!