Monday, September 9, 2013

A "few" new sheep...

When I told Wyatt last week we were going to get new sheep that day,
his response was "how many?" 
When I told him "4" he held up his finger and said sternly,
 "No, one!  JUST one!" 
 However, when we got to MaryAnne's -H&K Farm,
Wyatt seemed ok with us getting more than "JUST one" 
(thank goodness, because we were getting these
and I didn't want to hear about it all the way home!) 
This moorit ewe lamb (above and below) is Penny. 
 I think Penny likes to have her picture taken.
 Below is our new gray moorit ewe lamb, Gin.  
(short for Ginger of course)
 This is Tipsy.  
She is a mature black spotted ewe. 
She was the first one sheared, for fear she might not readily go back in the barn real soon! 
She  might be a bit skeptical of us.
The last 2 photos here are of our new ram lamb.  
Wyatt asked if he had a name and when I said "do you want to name him?"
he readily said "Let's name him Littlefoot"   ?
(where in the world did he get that?)
Meet Littlefoot.  

(and Wyatts new nickname will be "boy who name sheep")

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Big Zig

I love this fella.  He will always have a home here.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Wool Harvest

First step in preparing for fall shearing - take photos! 
Above is #70, a yearling

 Sweet Roxy

Josiah- yearling ram

I had to throw this picture in.. this handsome lamb has beautiful wool, but seems to have got out at some point and found a burr bush- arh!   I will have some time in picking through this fleece.
We have worked on ridding burrs from pastures but if one slips out, well.. it is certain they are going to find the burrs.  
 All in all though, looking forward to the wool harvest!