Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ornament Give

I love those acorn tops.  I have seen them used for making small wool acorns and they are adorable.  I wanted to make something that would put a little more wool to use, and this is what came from that.


Could you use one for your tree?  Just leave your name in the comment and I will do a random pick next Friday and have it to you in plenty of time for the holidays! 
(I will send with a gift box in case your tree is full and you would rather give as a gift!)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Another "'Make Do"

I like old, rustic things that look like they have been used and then stored in a barn for years.  This shepherd's crook does not fit that description, but I have misplaced my wooden crook and I have been reminded how crazy it is to catch sheep (Even in the barn in a pen) without a crook. 

I put this together as a temporary until my other shows up (made from 3/4"pvc pipe and fittings) however, it works suprisingly well!   The crook needs to be wider for the big rams, but it catches the ewes and lambs and seems to hold them better than the one I lost.  It doesn't have much character, but has found a place in our barn (until I lose it)   

Friday, October 19, 2012

Sheep Watching

There has been so much going on this summer and fall, but Wyatt and I really enjoy taking breaks to go for a walk and check on the sheep.   It has turned out to be a beautiful fall, with so much color.   I hope to take a drive (just up the road) and take some pictures of the fall colors, but for now, it's sheep pictures.
 Wyatt will be 3 in a couple of months and even though I see him every day, I wonder when he got so big!  He is so sweet too.  I asked him the other day what he wanted for his birthday and he said "a candle"(as he blew out his finger as though it was a candle)   How many years before he makes a list from a toy catalog?   Loving this "candle" stage. 
 Of course, he couldn't be happier with having use of Daddy's 'ni-nocke-tars.  (binoculars)
Now where are those sheep?

I have about 20 left to shear, so I'm past the halfway point anyways, but hope to finish up within the next week.  (so much for that goal of being finished BY October!)

 This is our gray mouflon ewe lamb.  It looks like light hitting her side, but it is the variation of gray in her fleece.   We have been really happy with this years fleeces, especially the gray lambs.  The gray varies from white to gray to a shade of blue that gradually turns into black or moorit towards the tip.
This is the underside of the fleece, but there are a few locks pulled out in the center to show how the fleece goes from light to dark. 

 Roxy -before and after.   As much as I enjoy seeing them in their full fleeces, knowing what it takes to get them sheared, I think I  prefer  seeing them sheared!

Virgil Ram.

Mildreds Ewe Lamb before and after.


then there's Sierra's little lamb.  He is considered a Gray Black yet his fleece is a light shade of brown... 

Hope the next time I have a chance to take pictures the fleeces will be on a skirting table.

Wishing everyone a beautiful fall full of sunshine and color!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


It is fun to watch the lambs grow up and mature.   This is Josie and her ram lamb Josiah. Josie is the mother to some beautiful rams, Joe, Virgil, and LeRoy and this year is no exception.  

Meet Josiah all grown up.   Well.. not really "all" grown up, but his fall lamb picture.  
 He is sure a ram that likes to have his picture taken (much like his older brother LeRoy)   I took probably 20 pictures of him and he seemed to be posing for all of them.           
Reminds me of a picture I took of Lambie a few years ago...(up in the right hand corner of the blog page)    they seem to say, "wait, let me stand here by this tree, how's that?"

He will be one of the rams we use this fall for breeding.

LeRoy seems to be saying "it's about that time"