Friday, June 24, 2011

Little Ewenice, Big City (part 2)

It's been a few months since I posted about the exciting trip that Ewenice was taking. I had hoped she would write, or send a post card sooner, but I was just glad to hear she was safe, and having a good time. She sent this to share:

She is having a great time! She said she made this sign in hopes of getting on the Good Morning America show. Yet, she kept getting pushed to the back of the herd. (She said it was much like trying to get to the grain pan in the ram pen.) So, that didn't work out so well for her, but she said it's been quite an adventure.

She is currentnly staying in Kewe Gardens, which is a short ride on the Qewe10 bus to the subway that takes her into the city. (where she grazes in Central Park) She said the grass is good there, and the night life? Well, she's never seen anything like it!

But it hasn't been all play and grazing, (she had her lamb while away you know) and she's had a little work to do, and she writes that it went really well, and it has all been an experience of a lifetime!

So that's her message, that all is well. It's funny that the postcard came the same day (yesterday) that I was in the store and picked up the latest copy of Vogue Knitting.

I knew there was a possibility that the work she was up there to do might end up in the
"What's new, what's now, what's next in knitting" section of the early fall issue, but I was pleasantly surprised and delighted to see that it's on the newsstands already!

Ewenice is pictured on the far right, 3rd row down. Bewelah is pictured 3rd over on the top row. (Ewenice was a bit miffed that Bewelah was asked to go as well, but what she doesn't know, is Bewelah is actually the one that got the invitation - and "she" was the one to tag along - just don't let that get back to her, ok?)

All that being said, I'm a little behind on updating my website! I've been adding new things to the pottery section of the FCW&P site, and working on the on-line shop at etsy. It was on the list to have completed by "early fall" but it's been moved up to.... "now".

Sending out thanks to Faith Hale for the invitation to display my mugs in her article - what an honor. Thank you. (I hope Ewenice has been on her best behavior, and hasn't been much trouble)

Thursday, June 23, 2011


It's been a while since I've posted, mostly because it is hard to get pictures of the sheep these days, and my ramblings need pictures!

I was able to get a few shots yesterday of the lambs, and wanted to share those shots.

#44 - Yes, I know - how impersonal. We've always named them, but this year -it just hasn't happened. There are a few with names - like this guy below:

He's "lambies rammie" but then again, so was the ram she had last year..

She's looking as if to say "every time i get up he does this! it's wearing me out."

Myrtle on the other hand is asking "when is this little piggy going to the market?"

This is our yearling "lil friend" She's not as friendly as the name implies - but she was a great friend to the little "broken leg lamb" last year when we had to keep her separated from the group. Lil Friend took up with her, even though that meant sleeping in a cage at night.

By the way - Didi (broken leg lamb) healed up from her surgeries so well, you can not tell she ever had a problem! (much thanks and gratefulness to the great care she received at Carroll County Animal Clinic - they were so wonderful with her. She seemed to rather enjoy getting in the truck and making the trip every time we went - probably because she got so much good and healing treatment there. Not to mention, all the attention) She has a little lamb of her own now. (I'll add those pictures in an upcoming post)

Back to lambs.. this is the mouflon ewe

And her brother:

I need to update my website - he is for sale, but we are going to use him to breed our 3 yearlings this coming breeding season.

And # 41.

It's been a great lambing season- and it's been so much easier to work the lambs this year than in previous years. This is the first year I've been able to get the girls in the barn on a regular basis. We haven't had that barn too long and when we were in the "old barn" - the rams were in the same pen, and the ewes knew they wouldn't get any grain anyways with the boys there, so why bother following me to the barn? We've kept the rams separate so that we can let Wyatt play while I'm checking on the sheep, and we couldn't do that with rams around. Anyways, it's worked out for the best. It's an ever evolving journey here with the sheep, and it takes a while to learn what works. Finally, it's a journey that doesn't seem to be uphill all the time.