Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ewenice update..

I have had a few inquiries on how Ewenice turned out, so here's a little update:

I had an opportunity to have a photo session with her yesterday while the sun was shining and have posted a few listings on etsy this evening.

Ewenice is doing well. Although she has been through a lot. The firings were terribly hot and I imagine she wished she weren't wearing wool for all that! (2400 degrees is more like 'bikini' weather - maybe next time Ewenice) All said and done, she's doing well and is ready to move on.

There are many more pics and items that i hope to add to etsy in the next few days.

Next design on the list: Icelandic ewe mugs


  1. They look great, Tonya! I want one...next time I see you I'll pick one up, or if you will have a bowl down at the Shop on Main - or I could stop by with some eggs. :)