Friday, April 24, 2009


As the sun was setting last night, it reminded me of a beach sunset - it was just beautiful - of course I didn't have my camera. The sunset tonight was just as spectacular! (totally unaltered color on the photo) It's such a great night out there.

Our bluebells are in bloom. These grow wild along creeks in our area, and transplant well. My Grandpa dug these up last year and brought them over to us- and they have been doing great in our shady flowerbed. We don't put out bulbs, so these are our first bloomers of the season.

We had a short pop up shower yesterday and the most beautiful rainbow I think I have ever seen. At one point, it was a double rainbow stretched uninterrupted across the sky - amazing. Of course, I couldn't fit it in the camera, so it's just a close-up.
One more week and we should have some lambs on the ground! Our lambs are late this year, but it seems to have worked out for the best.(thus far) We had trouble with some of the young rams getting out of their pen, and in with the girls. So - that would delay turning in the ram that was intended to be in there. I would mark the calendar, wait a week, and then @#(&^%! .. another ram got out and in there again! sigh. Fortunately, it has worked out that the girls weren't bred by the wanderers. We have passed all those dates on the calendar! But it did work out for the best because we haven't been home much at all the past few months. (working) And it is a much better time next week for lambs!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Looking forward to April 16...

Our taxes were a bit of a hassle this year... why aren't they due in- say January, or February when it's cold and snowy out? Of course, I could have done them then (but that will probably never happen!) But maybe a resolution for next year: i'm going to make it a reasonable one - not to have them completed early, or mailed off prior to the 15th, but maybe i could make a resolution to ensure that I have all my forms by ... the 13th, or the 14th. It was about 3am on the 15th when I realized that I hadn't received my state forms. Sigh. Of course my printer isn't working either.. so just downloading them and printing them here wasn't going to work. Another sigh. But all is well as they're resting comfortably amidst the other last minute filings.

I'm ready to get back to spring tomorrow.


Poor Moose... another 2 weeks to go. This picture reminds me that I had a dream last night that she had 5 babies. (guess i'm counting sheep even after i go to sleep) My thought in the dream whan i counted those 5 babies were.. uh oh- bottle lambs. I'm hoping she just has one or two, but it's looking like there's several from this angle!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I don't worship the moon.. or follow its signs and phases, but I sure enjoy it! I especially enjoy going out at 1:30 in the morning and checking on the sheep without a flashlight... (not every night do I check on them at such odd hours... only when I can't sleep! Then, i count sheep - and it's much easier to count them by the light of a full moon)

Tonight is going to be one of those nights I'll appreciate the extra light. Our goat Hank wasn't acting his usual ole' self this evening. I don't know what it could be, he's just been acting a little droopy. He took off running when I put everyone back in the pen tonight -so he's probably ok, but it'll be a nice night for checking on him anyways.

Well.. It's been quite an exciting week. As far as weather, it's been all over the board! From sunny and warm to bone chilling -brrr cold with snow flurries. I wish I had taken my camera to work with me today to catch the snow falling on the tulips. (but then I wouldn't have been working... so it is best that i leave my camera home - lol)

Jack and I are on the homestretch of a job we've been working on the past few months. Maybe one more month and we will be starting some projects around here. We still have a few things to do to complete the barn Jack built last year.. then we're going to get busy with fencing new pasture, and who knows, we might even start building our house this year?... or next... It will be fun to see where the year takes us. It's an adventure.

This time next month, we should have a few 'batches' of lambs! (starting with the 2 girls in the right of the pic above) Looking forward to lambs.. just hoping to not have more than the mothers can care for.

I am really looking forward to 'eventually' getting all the pastures fenced. Running and moving temporary fence can be quite time consuming! We hope to start a more effective 'rotational grazing this year.
Oh, and a garden! I was starting to feel like I was really behind when the warm weather hit.. but now that it's snowing again, it puts everything into perspective.... there's still time!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sick day ...

Despite fighting this allergy / cold stuff and sleeping half the day away.. it was a great day.

(the rest did wonders!)

My new camera came in last week, and had a chance to take a few pictures / videos. The "no photo available" post didn't go over so well- so, I'm glad to have a camera again. lol.

I sheared (rooed?) the ever-shedding Andy today. He started his shedding in late November and had been roaming around half dressed ever since. After his cut, we finished up with a pedicure. He's looking fine again. He is a great fella with such a gentle personality.

I put up a temporary fence today in the yard for the sheep to mow. (we live in a barn, so it only makes sense for the sheep to mow the yard, right?) Actually, I feel guilty mowing with the sheep watching.. so sometimes I just let them do it :)

Moose - the black ewe in the far right - i don't show she's due until May, but she is sure showing! I might have to go back and recalculate those dates.

I pulled weeds in the iris bed today.. funny how that can be enjoyable, but it was.

I noticed that we don't have anything blooming in our yard.. so I snuck over to the neighbors (lol)


Ended the day with a brush fire... trying to clean up the new pastures so they'll be ready when we can get to fencing! (i had just started using the video function on my camera a few days before it broke.. so going to try to get more use out of this function on the new camera!) I took this video for the background noise.. I have missed those frogs !

It turned out to be a great sick day.