Sunday, September 6, 2009

From the kitchen window...

We're planning on building a house.. we haven't settled on any particular plan as of yet, but i'm wondering first and foremost - where should the kitchen window face??? I enjoy washing dishes, but mostly because I can look outside while doing the dishes! This is a scene from earlier in the week when I put up yet another temporary lot to get the sheep off of the grass in their lots (the barberpole worm seems to be lasting more than 30 days on the pastures, so moving them back from one lot to the other after the "rest" period hasn't been so efficient this year) Temporary fence is a hassle to move, but it's worth it.
This is Frank.. one of the first ram lambs born this year. It was hard to get a "heads up" picture of any of the sheep once they were turned out on the fresh grass. Frank and his brother Jesse seem to have good potential to be breeding stock. They are quite young still.
Ziggy wanted to know if "this wool made him look fat?" Yeah, i think it's the wool, Ziggy.

And yarn bowls... I had not made any pottery for a month or so, but had an opportunity to throw a few pots yesterday and trim them this afternoon. These are the first yarn bowls I've made, and if anyone out there has any suggestions or comments, experience using yarn bowls, etc... I'm open for ideas!
Hope everyone has a great, safe Labor Day!


  1. Your sheep look so fat and happy on their fresh pasture. Reminds me that I better move my girls today!

    What are yarn bowls? How are they used?

    I love your pottery!

  2. Hey Nancy,
    The yarn bowls.. you put your ball / or balls of yarn in the bowl and hook the end thru the opening in the side... as you knit, the balls roll around in the bowl as opposed to the the furniture, and onto the floor, etc. I haven't used one before, but from what i've been reading on the net here, it looks like knitters enjoy using the bowls to knit out of. I thought i'd make a few up and see how they work. Hope all is well your way, thanks for the nice comment!