Thursday, September 24, 2009

Wool I planned on shearing this week...

Sometimes the best laid plans... are interrupted by the weather! It's done nothing but rain this week.. looks like i should have started shearing last week when the wool was dry and the sun was shining! Instead, I was taking pictures.. here are a few pictures that didn't make it on the post last week.
This is Alice. I think she likes us, but we'll never know for sure. She is a very hardy ewe, and that's good, because she is really hard to get in the barn. I have to plan ahead weeks in advance to work up to catching her. They say 'sheep are dumb' (i know, it's not my friends that talk about sheep like this!) .. well, this won't say much for me, because she generally out-smarts me.

This is her boy Frank... seems this is the only kind of picture i can get of him.. head down and eating! (well, it's that, or his back side and he's running away!) His mother definitely passed on her hardiness to him.

And this is gal is out of Alice from 2 years ago.. LeAnne.

And sweet Carlie and Ziggy.
I hope the weather is more cooperative next week for shearing!

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  1. I love Ziggy's coloring! Please don't ever let me talk you into selling any of your beautiful sheep. I have too many...but they are so pretty...