Monday, August 31, 2009

Summer wear...

Thought I'd try to take a few pictures of some of the gang before we changed their wardrobe and put them in their fall wear (freshly shorn). A lot of the Icelandics are shorn in October, after the first cold snap (when they really put the growth on their summer coat). However, we will most likely shear a little earlier than normal this year. We won't have quite the length on the wool by shearing earlier, but it will give them a head start on their winter wear!

This is Joe... I wanted to get a few good pictures of him for a "rams for sale" page on the website I'm working on. Joe has really grown into a beautiful ram this summer. I can't believe how fast he's grown! As you can see from the weeds in his face, i still need to get good pictures! lol.
Once he caught on that we were taking pictures for the web, he did strike a pose.. weeds still in the way though... He's trying to look like a tough ram here in the picture, but he really is gentle and easy to work with. We have rams that haven't been "handled" but I have to admit that this guy likes to have his head scratched.

And where did this big mushroom come from? From any other angle, she does look like a mushroom laying on the ground like this. This is our 'fluffy' Carlie. She doesn't get any grain -well, maybe an occasional treat, she just does a little 'too well' on pasture.
Next, Lambie....


Another beautiful ending to a beautiful day.


  1. What beautiful sheep (and sunsets!) you have.

  2. Um, your sheep are lookin' a little thin there ;-D