Friday, September 25, 2009

Meet Myrtle - (aka. Lilly)

Myrtle arrived here at our place earlier this week. She was raised on a bottle by a family that we attend church with. Myrtle grew up with lots of love, and good attention! She is adapting really well to the other sheep, the goats and the dog. (which is a LOT more than I can say about the bottle lamb we raised last year, lambie. Lambie still doesn't know why she's out there in the field with those "other'' creatures!) But Myrtle seems to like the other animals - and they have accepted her quite well too. We're glad to have her here.


Rosco giving her his blessing. I wasn't sure how he would be around a new lamb, and when he started licking his lips, she didn't know about him either! She thinks he's ok now.

The other animals realized with all the attention on Myrtle here, that if they wanted their picture taken, they better move that way. (Poor Josie, seldom gets her picture taken.)


  1. I swear that Myrtle is smileing. She looks so sweet. I think Roscoe is a handsome boy. Happy animals.

  2. Myrtle is precious! My Mom is thrilled with the picture of Lambie – thank you very much!

  3. Your photography and pottery are gorgeous! I just may have to come out to the Wool Festival for the first time in several years!

  4. I'm new to your blog, but we seem to know a lot of the same folks. Your photography is gorgeous! I couldn't make out the breed of sheep until I got further down the page. I haven't ever seen (or spun) Icelandics, but they certainly are lovely! Your wool 'mushroom' made me laugh!

    Their fleece looks so clean and fluffy! Do you coat them? More importantly, will you be bringing any to the Wool Fest?

  5. Hey Deb! Thanks for stopping by. Thanks for the nice comments. Our sheep are still wearing their wool.. (they are ready to be sheared though) i have a small ammount of wool that I was planning on bringing from a previous shearing, but I might not make it to the festival now :( I was so looking forward to it, but have been feeling a bit under the weather the past week. I hope you have a great time at the festival, and if I make it there, hope to see you! Have a great one.