Thursday, February 19, 2009

Our Rosco..

If any character around here has earned his keep .. it's this little guy!

By the look on his face, I believe this was his first day here. He seemed quite sad to have left behind his life of play and friends for a fenced area with bullies! He didn't have the opportunity to bond to the sheep or lambs with the over-protective mothers here.. they let him know right off that there would be no play, and certainly no friends!

I know, it's pitiful.
But he overcame all those issues, and has grown into a wonderful guard dog. (who loves to have his picture taken)
(I do remember a time though when he would wait for me to leave from feeding and run off the 'mean' sheep, and let the 'nice' sheep and the goats eat! I don't blame him, the gals were pretty mean to him when he was little)


He has proved to be invaluable. We hear coyotes quite often, and we know they are close - I don't think sleep would be possible without him.
btw: That "counting sheep" if you can't sleep? I get it now.

Thanks Rosco. Good boy.


  1. I had a coyote out back a couple weeks ago...he was on his way somewhere, he didn't even notice the fox that was out there at the same time...

  2. What great pictures! Roscoe looks like a very devoted guardian!