Friday, February 13, 2009

Animals we haven't told you about....

It wasn't intentional, but we have goats.

This is Tanna, she's into everything - and if she can figure out what you don't want her to get into, that becomes her focus! Tanna was given to us about 2 years ago from a friend that said she was 'dropped off' in their yard. I guess if you live far enough out in the country, people don't just drop dogs, and cats,... they drop goats. (and roosters)

And this is Hank... and the girl he tells all his secrets to. We actually bought him so that Tanna would have a friend. (Little did we know that our ram Joe would fall in love with her) (She's not interested, but he won't take no for an answer) (Is this TMI?) (do these kind of things happen on other farms?)

And this is Hank again... getting ready for his saturday evening bath...
So that he can take Tanna out on the town...

Since he's learned to drive, he thinks he's something else!

And this is Jack, and the gang, walking off into the sunset.

So, long story ... longer... we didn't intend to have goats, but we are glad they're here.