Monday, February 16, 2009

More spring and summer shots?

What do we have left of winter? Is it 4 weeks now?

One of the first projects of last spring was taking down more old fence on our property. Just a short time after rolling up this barbed wire and hanging it on a limb, it was quickly transformed into a residence. I would only guess that the mother bird realized that this home offered quite a line of defense to keep the predators away! (wonder if we could market this idea? we have lots of old barbed wire! lol)

I really don't know where all these iris came from! We've been here 3 years now, and I remember planting 'some' iris. I am looking forward to the new colors and varieties that were planted last year.
And little lambie... I've posted recent pictures of her and some older ones, but this is 'lambies first photo' She was the last lamb born here last year. She was one of a twin. Her brother was average size (approx 7 lb if i remember right) and little lambie was less than a pound! She was sooo tiny. Her mother had her while she was standing up and cleaning the first lamb. The mother would not accept lambie - even after 3 days of trying every trick in the book. Thanks to Marlene and the wonderful milk and colostrum from her nubians, we were able to keep lambie going. I was determined that we wouldn't or couldn't have a bottle lamb, but on day 3 - after witnessing the mother butting her around and rejecting her for the last time, I brought her in the house.

Lambie was so small and delicate, she didn't even stand on the first day. On day 3 (in the barn still) Just as she was learning to walk, she would take a few steps and climb right up on my lap. (this was her silent plea to move into the house with us) (it worked) Even in the house, and loved, she wanted to just sit in your lap.. I finally just left my pants in the floor for her.


  1. As always, your photos are exquisite. I am SO impressed by the ingenious robins who built their nest in the barbed wire birdhouse!!

    How is Lambie doing today?

  2. Yes, Lambie made it and is doing wonderful! She's a bit sassy from time to time, but I guess it's because we put her out of the house and in with those "other" animals! There's a recent picture posted of her on the Jan 29 posting.

  3. Lambie is so adorable! And those irises are making me wish for spring!

  4. Deborah, Do you need any iris starts?