Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Another crazy place for a bird nest...

I was really glad when these guys were up and out of the nest! Of all places, she thought the edge of the driveway would be a great place. (the barbed wire nest was much safer!) Every time we would pull in the drive, or walk across it, she would just fuss and throw a fit! "oh, my wing is broke! my wing is broke!" If you've seen these birds, you know what I mean. I think they're called killdare, or kill deer? I ended up putting a little post in the drive so that we wouldn't run over the nest, and if we had company, "watch the nest" would be included in our goodbye. On the "camaflouge" factor, I'd give her a 10, but on "safety", no points. We're posting a 'no nests' sign in the driveway this spring!



  1. She actually managed to fledge babies out of that nest? One would think that cats or coons or possums would get them.

    Isn't nature amazing! (when it's not being Cruel!)

  2. Nancy, After I wrote the post, I thought- she probably was smarter than I was giving her credit for... she might have chose that spot because we were always around! (and that might help to keep away some of the predators)

    All three birds hatched and left the nest!