Friday, February 27, 2009

Got cotton ?

I had an opportunity to throw a few spindle tops yesterday.
I really thought that tops made out of clay would be really heavy, so I trimmed them on the thin side and I just might need to start growing cotton! They are from .45 oz to 1.77 oz but the weight will be much less whey they are completely dried and they take a couple of trips thru the kiln.
I have really enjoyed spinning on a drop spindle, and looking forward to testing new ones.
We are starting to have signs of spring here - first the warm rain, along with 50 degree days. I was just thinking yesterday that if the groundhog were to come out in his raincoat that he would tell us that the grass was going to green up and we would have spring after all. When we got home last night, the tree frogs were singing! We haven't heard them in so long. It's spring. This morning, not only were 'blades' of grass spotted out in the pastures, but patches of green grass that you could see from a distance. Time to get the mower blades sharpened ...and the wool clippers sharpened too. ( i really was going to send those off back in early winter )

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