Monday, June 8, 2009

There's only one MonaLisa...

One leaning tower of visa, (oops.. Pisa) one new york town- one fifth avenue. There's only one Eiffel tower , one somethin..somethin.. (finest hour?) one Paris and there's only one....EWE! Ok, now I can get that old song out of my head... (sorry if it's in yours now) Wanted to share the news that out of 8 lambs now, we have a ewe lamb. This was a bit of a surprise last night- I wasn't expecting Dixie to lamb until tomorrow, but had been noticing that she had been off to herself more than usual the last 2 days, so I should have been watching her closer. I went to close the gate last night and all of the sheep were up but Dixie. Sure enough, she had lambed during the day. Dixie is one of our lambs from last year, so she's the youngest we have had to lamb here. Fortunately, she did ok on her own. The lamb is brown moorit.

Took a few shots of some of the other lambs while i was out this morning - this is Virgil..

...and his brother Leroy

and remember the freckle faced white lamb? He's solid white now (other than a black marking on his hind foot) This is Frank and Jesse.

Ziggy is getting to be quite a chunk! (As well as his brother Henry, who is now bigger than he is) I caught on to some of the mischeviousness that is going on last night. I feed the dog morning and night as I go in the pen... the dog follows me around while I'm in the pen, meanwhile- Moose is eating his dog food. (and teaching the little ones to do the same). So, this explains why Moose is so big, and the dog looks like he's been dieting.

No way this can be good for the sheep, or the dog for that matter! We had this problem with Lambie when she was still in the house. She wanted to eat the dog food because she saw our little dog Oscar eating it. Rosco broke her of it - but now we have to start over with these guys.

And our yearling Charlie.. I have been noticing that his wool 'glistens' even when the sun isn't shining on him. He really has a beautiful fleece. I love his rosy cheeks too.. looks like we made him blush.


  1. The Leaning Tower of Visa? I thought it was the Leaning Tower of Pizza! lol

  2. Ewen McTeagle was a cat food eating fool. Your yearling ram is gorgeous!

  3. You're right,thanks- not visa.. pisa! that was silly. But hey, it still rhymed! lol.

  4. AWWWwwww! She's precious! Did you really name her Mona Lisa? I love it!!

  5. Hey Nancy, we didn't name her Mona Lisa, that would've been a good name though! Her momma is Dixie, so Jack named the little one trixie. Hope all is going well your way - and that your sheep are all doing great!