Sunday, June 28, 2009


well, it's been quite a busy 2 weeks! I signed up to do my first pottery show - and I have to add that I didn't have any pots ready to sell when I signed up. I seem to need deadlines to get some things moved to the top of the list, and this show moved the pottery up quite a few notches. The kiln seemed to be either heating up, or cooling down nearly every moment of the last two weeks. Of course the last glaze firing wasn't "quite" ready when it was time to leave for the show - but that was ok. ( i don't think there was enough table/shelf space ready for the extra pots anyways)

The show was at the Owen Co. Fairgrounds / park. This was the first 'arts in the park' that Owen Co has had, but they really had a lot of great vendors for their first show. And the music? Excellent bands playing all day long - between that and the breeze, it made the heat tolerable! The best part, was meeting the other artisans. So many interesting and talented people. I am looking forward to going back next year.

This is the goat milk soap display that my neighbor Marlene (from set up at the show. Her soap is delightful!
And I couldn't leave out Shellys' latest felted creations that she let me take take to
the show! However, not all of these guys made the trip back home with us. They are adorable.

Hope everyone has had a great weekend!


  1. Does Sally have a website/blog???


  2. Hey Nancy!
    Shelly is working on putting a website together, but it is not available yet. I think she might start a blog in the meantime. I will be sure to give an update when it's up and running! Hope all is well over at your farm :)