Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Felted Buddies from felting friends..

This handsome fella -lil cody- arrived here as a gift from the crazy sheep lady at Punkins Patch http://myfavoritesheep.blogspot.com/. (fabulous blog site!) I thought I was just getting rid of some wool when I sent her home with it! What a thoughtful gift she sent back this way!

The details are so nice on lil Cody, I especially love how she felted the wool while leaving the locks long.

Big Cody - his indian name means "provider of wool for adorable felted lil cody"

(note: just made that up)
Now, speaking of felted gifts...

This adorable mouse was a gift from my friend Shelly. (Shelly, where is your blog?) This is Shelly's first felted creation. My pictures here just do not do either of these little guys justice. It's hard to see from this photo, but he has the cutest little slingshot in his back pocket that she made from a small tree branch.. and his back side is just as adorable!

What fun felted gifts! Thanks CSL and Shelly!

Lamb update - we have 3 more since the last post and one ewe left to lamb! Tally -- 9 RAMS, 3 ewes. Maybe next year will be the year for little ewes? We're just glad that they're all doing great. This year was SO MUCH easier than last year's lambing season. Just enjoying all the little ones running around out in the pasture.


  1. OMGOSH that mouse is adorable!!!!!!!

    I'm so glad you like your sheep. I had fun making him for you.


  2. Hi, I love your friends needle felted items. they look fantastic, she seems to have a hidden talent!! Well done!!
    Julieta from knitshop.co.uk

  3. What wonderful felted gifts! I've long admired the Crazysheeplady's felted sheep and that little mouse ~ with his belly sticking out over his pants ~ is just TOO adorable!

    You have some very talented friends!