Friday, June 19, 2009

Pottery ...

I fired the kiln this week and this morning was the "opening" morning. I used just 2 glazes in this firing. Pictured are a few of my favorite pieces from todays kiln opening. The washbowl/pitcher is really a small sink bowl with the pitcher... they were just combined for the photo.

I sampled several new glazes on small test tiles, and was hoping to have new great glazes to use in the next firing. With the exception of a new white glaze, I don't think I'll reuse any of the sample glazes that was tried. Looking for new glazes is kind of like that old saying of finding a prince.. have to kiss a lot of frogs!


  1. Very nice! How did the shepherds come out?

  2. The shepherd is in the other kiln awaiting the first firing, then I'll have to decide how to glaze it.. so it will probably be a bit before i figure that out. The pitcher in the picture was made 2-1/2 years ago when I was first learning.. so there's definitely a long turn around time here from start to finish!! lol. Hope all is well your way!