Friday, April 24, 2009


As the sun was setting last night, it reminded me of a beach sunset - it was just beautiful - of course I didn't have my camera. The sunset tonight was just as spectacular! (totally unaltered color on the photo) It's such a great night out there.

Our bluebells are in bloom. These grow wild along creeks in our area, and transplant well. My Grandpa dug these up last year and brought them over to us- and they have been doing great in our shady flowerbed. We don't put out bulbs, so these are our first bloomers of the season.

We had a short pop up shower yesterday and the most beautiful rainbow I think I have ever seen. At one point, it was a double rainbow stretched uninterrupted across the sky - amazing. Of course, I couldn't fit it in the camera, so it's just a close-up.
One more week and we should have some lambs on the ground! Our lambs are late this year, but it seems to have worked out for the best.(thus far) We had trouble with some of the young rams getting out of their pen, and in with the girls. So - that would delay turning in the ram that was intended to be in there. I would mark the calendar, wait a week, and then @#(&^%! .. another ram got out and in there again! sigh. Fortunately, it has worked out that the girls weren't bred by the wanderers. We have passed all those dates on the calendar! But it did work out for the best because we haven't been home much at all the past few months. (working) And it is a much better time next week for lambs!


  1. As always, your photos are spectacular. I can't wait to see your LAMBS!!

  2. Beautiful photos, Tanya! Good luck with your lambs!

  3. Fantastic photographs, especially the rainbow!