Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Looking forward to April 16...

Our taxes were a bit of a hassle this year... why aren't they due in- say January, or February when it's cold and snowy out? Of course, I could have done them then (but that will probably never happen!) But maybe a resolution for next year: i'm going to make it a reasonable one - not to have them completed early, or mailed off prior to the 15th, but maybe i could make a resolution to ensure that I have all my forms by ... the 13th, or the 14th. It was about 3am on the 15th when I realized that I hadn't received my state forms. Sigh. Of course my printer isn't working either.. so just downloading them and printing them here wasn't going to work. Another sigh. But all is well as they're resting comfortably amidst the other last minute filings.

I'm ready to get back to spring tomorrow.


Poor Moose... another 2 weeks to go. This picture reminds me that I had a dream last night that she had 5 babies. (guess i'm counting sheep even after i go to sleep) My thought in the dream whan i counted those 5 babies were.. uh oh- bottle lambs. I'm hoping she just has one or two, but it's looking like there's several from this angle!


  1. it looks like good, healthy twins to me!


    Happy Spring!

  2. Beautiful pictures and I sure hope you don't end up with 5 lambs - yikes!