Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sick day ...

Despite fighting this allergy / cold stuff and sleeping half the day away.. it was a great day.

(the rest did wonders!)

My new camera came in last week, and had a chance to take a few pictures / videos. The "no photo available" post didn't go over so well- so, I'm glad to have a camera again. lol.

I sheared (rooed?) the ever-shedding Andy today. He started his shedding in late November and had been roaming around half dressed ever since. After his cut, we finished up with a pedicure. He's looking fine again. He is a great fella with such a gentle personality.

I put up a temporary fence today in the yard for the sheep to mow. (we live in a barn, so it only makes sense for the sheep to mow the yard, right?) Actually, I feel guilty mowing with the sheep watching.. so sometimes I just let them do it :)

Moose - the black ewe in the far right - i don't show she's due until May, but she is sure showing! I might have to go back and recalculate those dates.

I pulled weeds in the iris bed today.. funny how that can be enjoyable, but it was.

I noticed that we don't have anything blooming in our yard.. so I snuck over to the neighbors (lol)


Ended the day with a brush fire... trying to clean up the new pastures so they'll be ready when we can get to fencing! (i had just started using the video function on my camera a few days before it broke.. so going to try to get more use out of this function on the new camera!) I took this video for the background noise.. I have missed those frogs !

It turned out to be a great sick day.


  1. Tonya,

    That was an awesome blog!!! I loved your photos, but even more your fire and the peepers. Just like standing in my back yard, except I had no nice fire, though plenty to burn!

  2. I almost took a frog "video" last night too. I just couldn't think of a creative "picture". Excellent video! Glad you are back up and running :-).