Tuesday, December 6, 2011

New Designs

Sending thanks out to Kelly at http://mainelyewesfarm.blogspot.com/
and Christine at http://frontporchindiana.blogspot.com/ for submitting great photos and the opportunity to try something new! (and for the permission to reuse the designs!) I am excited to see how the designs turn out on the mugs. (they're in the kiln now, and will be glazed tomorrow)

I watched a show the other day on PBS where a lady would make animals out of gourds and she said sometimes she would get ideas while she slept. I thought that was funny, then last night while sleeping, I saw an ornament made from clay hanging on a tree that was an icelandic ram head - semi/side view. Even while I was dreaming i thought "here's an idea while i sleep..this is awesome" So I guess I need to get a good head shot of Leroy (because the ornament looked like him) Oh goodness, I have a list of things that I need to catch up on, but I'd better sketch this one out before it's forgotton. (or quite possibly, I might need to take a break from pottery?)


  1. NO!!!

    No break! I'm thinking I want to have you make me an ornament of each dog that I rescue. And, of course, Bella and Sable!

  2. I agree with Nancy,no break! You have to run with the creativity when it's flowing. Grab Leroy and make something fabulous.

  3. Those are fantastic!! Can't wait to see the mugs! Keep the creativity going! I would LOVE to see a beautiful Icelandic ram on a mug!

  4. I am looking forward to seeing the mugs. I think an Icelandic ram mug or ornament would be great.