Monday, December 5, 2011

Happy Birthday

Dear Wyatt, Happy Birthday to you!

Wow- 2 already.
Looks like someone might have got into the cake too before the candles were blown out! We had a great day, and hope his birthday was the best to date. Of course, we had cake and ice cream after lunch, and we wrapped up the day with a trip to the zoo with friends to see the festival of lights.

(hm, those lights make my hair look gray)

I have been noticing that Wyatt will address everyone by name now - Daddy is "Da'e" or "jack" papaw is "paw" but he's only said Ma, or Mom when he was fussing, and that happened some time back. (not that he hasn't fussed recently) Well.. this picture, when he saw it downloaded on the computer, I got a solid "mom"! So.. Of course, I had to hear it again and again... "who is that?" "who is that?"

His birthday was special for us, and hope it was for him as well.


  1. So cute! I remember the "music to my ears" of hearing my little boy call me Mom.

  2. He is an adorable little boy!
    But, how did he get so BIG so FAST???

    I remember when you posted his very first photos...

  3. Happy Birthday, Wyatt! He's such a big boy now! (It happens way before we're ready for it.)

  4. What sweet pictures. Just getting caught up a little on the blogs. He is so big, I love the blonde hair! Just wait till he is about 8 and they lean that you begin to ignore them a bit. Then comes the mom,mom,mom,mom,mom mom .... We still have memories of that and the laughter.