Thursday, December 1, 2011

New addition

We had a new calf born last Saturday. This is the 2nd calf we've had born here - the last one was over a year ago and we have one more cow due any day now. Aren't baby calves beautiful?

We borrowed a black angus from a neighbor, but a red bull from another neighbor was in our yard a lot just prior to that... hm... lil calf, who's yo daddy?

(i know now to write down dates of when we turn a bull in, and when a bull is just roaming... not that it's a big deal .. it would be if we had stray rams running the neighborhood though! Our sheep are the only sheep that run loose in these parts)

Looks like we had a good frost / freeze last night. The ground was just covered with white this morning. (Sara, is this the freeze you've been hoping for?)

Bet the boys (most of them) are glad they missed their fall shearing!


  1. I love a newborn calf. The eyelashes always get to me. I'd never be able to raise cattle. Once I looked them in the eye they would become pets.

  2. That calf would be my pet,too. Love the macro shot. Not too crazy about the frost with all the rain we've had.

  3. Ah, if only they didn't have to grow up to be cows! I love calves!