Sunday, June 27, 2010

New Pots..

The kiln was opened yesterday, and with a few exceptions, I was happy with the results. There was several new glazes in the kiln this time - like this clear glaze on the bewelah mugs and yarn bowls. This glaze did well as long as it wasn't applied too thick (then it got cloudy)

Above is the clear glaze over the white stoneware, and below is the same glaze over brown stoneware, which came out a nice tan color.

This is a glaze that I used a few times quite a while back called "ketchup red" I liked the way it turned out as well.
And this is an experiment of Ketchup red with a blue glaze sprayed over it. Some of this turned out ok, but some of the pots will be put in the "yard sale" box. lol. I've found that even the worst of glazes/pots are big hits at a yard sale! ? I liked how this one turned out though.

This mug was a little cloudy..
yard sale box!
I'll be adding the pots to my website within the next couple of days.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Ooooh, I LOVE the ketchup red and the blue glaze. Just gorgeous.

  2. Beautiful pottery!! I even like the 'garage sale' ones!!

  3. Your pottery is just lovely! It's so nice that you take the time out of your busy schedule to enjoy your art. I need to do that more often. I especially love your big bowl.

  4. I think a couple of those mugs have got my name on them!

  5. Hello Tonya! I am excited you have a website now! It looks great and reflects your fun, sweet personality. : ) I love the blue over the red glaze combination! I ordered one of your adorable sgraffito mugs today. Yay! I can hardly wait for it to arrive!

  6. Hey Jewels, How have you been? I hope that you have been feeling well. Last time I checked, you hadn't posted in a while, hope all is well! Thank you for your order, what a compliment to have a fellow potter want a mug :) Thanks for the compliment, and hey - if I ever have any glazes that you'd like to use, I would be glad to pass the recipes on! Everything is cone 6 - electric.. so if you're firing in that range, and are looking for any recipes, let me know! Well thanks again for the order and you take care!