Friday, June 4, 2010


Just wanted to share a few pictures of Myrtle. She is so full of personality. She's a year old now, but still jumps around and hops like a little lamb. She might not ever grow up and we're ok with that.
She had her first shearing recently, and what she was hoping for was "a little off the top and sides""this is not what I asked for!"
"does this new cut make my ears look big?" "um, well makes your neck look small"
"Wyatt, it's me... Myrtle"


  1. She is SO adorable! What kind of sheep is she again? What is her fleece like ~ compared to a Shetland's?

  2. Hey Nancy,
    Well, I'm embarassed to say that I don't know. Funny though, we've had her for a year, and just after posting this blog today, I made a couple of calls to find the original owner of Myrtle to find that out. Yes, I should have called a year ago.. As far as her wool, I'll have to get back with you on that too.. just sheared her the other day and tossed it in a bag! I'll send a sample your way of the wool with your bowl! I hope all is well your way :)

  3. What a face Myrtle has!!! She is very sweet.
    Hope you are enjoying your hot summer.

  4. Looks like Wyatt is as fascinated with Myrtle as she is with him! What fun interactions kids and animals have with one another.

  5. Myrtle looks like she has some Romney genes. She's a beauty and I'll bet her fleece will be gorgeous.(and at least she is cool now!)

  6. She's a sweetie! How do you like her wool? Do you think you'll try breeding her with your Icelandics? I think some of the cross breeds turn out very nice.