Thursday, June 24, 2010

The month of June

Where has the month gone? I haven't posted to the blog since..goodness, early June, so I will try to get caught up here.

It seems like it's been a wet month with a lot of storms!

This storm came thru a week or so ago and brought the darkest clouds that I could remember. Fortunately there were not any funnel clouds.

Earlier that day...Fortunately, we didn't need all those wagons. Jack cut quite a bit of hay, but decided with storm clouds coming to roll bale quite a bit of it. So even with all the rain, we have been able to get some hay cut and put up.

No pictures yet, but I have been glazing pots. It's always been the most time consuming aspect of making pottery, but it has taken on a whole new meaning with a baby now. Even though the glazes are safe once they are fired, it's an entirely different story when they are being mixed, and when I am spraying the pots. I wear a respirator during the whole process, so it sure isn't something the baby can be around. Getting the pots glazed has been a struggle - but it's all downhill from here.

Speaking of struggle... the rams are all sheared (and it's almost July, why wouldn't they be??) Actually, they were sheared the last week of May and first week of June. That was a process as well.. one here, one there. For some reason I thought they would be easier to shear because they were so much bigger - seemed like they'd be easier to hold than some of the smaller sheep. And.. well, if it weren't for those horns, they might have been. I think I have figured out the shearing part now, but still need to work on how to get a good hold on them and keep it! (and need to work on those second cuts -arh) Oddly enough, despite the struggle with the rams, I enjoyed shearing the sheep this year.

This is Cody - he was a good sport and very cooperative with the shearing (and shearer). I've been taking pictures of the boys this month for the website. I finally put a website together. It has several "check back for updates" pages, but it has been published. Stop by and visit if you have a chance

and LeRoy.. I can't believe how much the sheep have grown the past couple of months! It's like there's a miracle gro out there in the pasture. And when I say "grown" - it's not just 'up'! Sometimes it's 'out'. So many of our ewes look like they're expecting again ...But maybe it's just the angle. They do say that the camera adds pounds.

Speaking of growing...

Wyatt just loves checking on the sheep. He loves to be outside and around all the animals.. and looks like they love it too. They keep coming back anyways, and we seldom have treats.
I love Rosco's eyes in the picture above.. he's saying "what about petting me Wyatt?"

Poor little guy has been sick this whole last week. Come to think of it, we've all been sick here within the last month. Isn't it June?

A brief "mutton bustin" lesson.

Well.. i think this brings us up to date!

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer!


  1. What a wonderful website! What program did you use? I want to get a web page up, but don't know where to start. Your rams are beautiful!! And Roscoe's eyes are so expressive!

  2. Oh my! You have a farm full of handsome boys now don't you??

  3. Hey Marie, Thanks for the comment. I used Yahoo. I had tried doing a website before, but got discouraged and gave up. I went with Yahoo this time and loved designing the site! They have templates that you can use, (maybe 70 or so) but you can also download their program "site builder" and design your site from scratch. It was exactly what i was looking for and very user friendly. Yahoo gives you unlimited pages (where other sites i looked at gave maybe 5) is where you can find more info, but if you have any questions, feel free to email me-! Thanks for visiting!

  4. Your baby boy has really grown! He doesn't look like a baby anymore. It's a wonderful thing for kids, growing up on a farm full of animals. A great learning experience, both for the kids and for us!