Friday, February 5, 2010

Color photos...

I love sepia photos, but if we're talking about dyeing wool, they might as well be in color.
I experimented a little this week with dyeing wool for the first time. I love the natural colors of wool, and had not planned on getting into "colors" ---but my hats need flowers....or something! I had heard a little about dyeing with kool-aid, so I wanted to give it a try. I was pleased with the results of the dyeing, and it was as simple as could be.
This is the 'flavor' orange. I love the varigated color here, but of course, when i carded the wool i lost that varigation. I'm guessing that if i want to keep the look of different colors, I should card the wool first, then dye it? I'm wondering too how it would work to make the felt first, then dye it?

This is a flower that was made from the carded wool. I made a piece of thin felt and cut it into strips and shaped into petals while the felt was still wet. Not sure if this will be used on a hat, but thinking of crocheting a green "vine" to wrap around the hat and see what happens.

I tried making another wool cap to replace the one Wyatt has outgrown... this one isn't quite what i was going for, but he seemed to be "smitten" with it. :)
He had his 2 month check up this week and he is doing just great. I sometimes look at him and wonder where our baby went? Like in the picture here - he was sitting up so big in the recliner .. taken quite captive by the television. Then he put his arm up on the armrest and i had to get the camera.

"My favorite show is on.. could someone please bring me a glass of milk?"

And back to sepia pictures... here's our little guy in his sheep shearing outfit. Which, by the way, it won't be long before that time rolls around! They may be calling for snow today, but spring is on it's way.


  1. What a beautiful flower and boy is Wyatt looking more like a big boy! :) You do nice work.

  2. I think you have a sweet boy who wants to make his mama happy. What a great expression on his face. I would have never thought of using Kool-Aid to dye wool. The flower really turned out nice. See, there is a reason for the drink mix to exist.

  3. the hats are adorable! I think you have a winner with the cap on Wyatt.
    And of course you know I think Wyatt is just the cutest baby boy in the internet. He sure looks to be growing well! In awhile he will not only want milk but teething cookies as well :-)

  4. OMG that's the cutest baby! Your hats are fantastic too. Love your flowers.

  5. I really liked the felt flower, I should get my mom interested in felting...hmm. On a side note what do you use for editing your photos? Photoshop? Wish I was closer I'd love to take pictures of your little man!