Wednesday, January 27, 2010

More Wet Felting..

I've started a few more hats... they're all just wet felted. I have patterns that I would like to try that are knitted then felted, but these hats are just made from layering the roving over a simple pattern (hood style). The roving is hand felted with soap and water, then shaped over a mixing bowl. These hats still need to be adorned with... ? something. Ribbon, felted flowers... that's the next step.

The little "cat" hat I made for Wyatt back before the holidays. (to match his Daddy's favorite hat). He's already outgrown it. The felted hats have a little give to them, but not enough to keep up with a growing boy :)

Speaking of hats ... I have a link to share of an etsy shop that has the most adorable hats ever. The artisan behind these hats designed them using a pattern that she came up with - (i've been everywhere looking for the pattern - then found that it was her own design) they are crocheted and then felted - a must see!


  1. Those are just beautiful. How about crocheted roses or flowers as decorations??
    I came across your unmailed box yesterday.:( I'll get that in the mail to you....REALLY, I will!

  2. Love the hats! I've not tried wet felting yet, but it's on my must do list. The hats in the link are just too cute.

  3. Hi Tonya,
    Thanks so much for such kind words and for linking to my shop. I love it! Nice work on your hats. The little CAT one is very cute.

  4. Tonya, you are so talented! Beautiful job.

  5. Hello Tonya! Oh my, I love your felted hats!!! They are beautifully shaped! My favorite style is the one on the right. They look so perfect now that I can’t imagine them adorned, but I am looking forward to seeing what you do. Wendy’s crocheted and felted hats are adorable - neat idea. Thank you very much for all the excellent advice on preventing plate warping! I appreciate it!