Saturday, February 6, 2010

Shades Of Grey, Blue and Sepia of course..

Shades of a winter day.

We had a little snow overnight, not a lot compared to what the storm is capable of, but it was enough to cover the ground here.
The little rams (and Myrtle) are in the same pen with the ewes now, but they choose to stay in the little sheep shed instead of the barn. (They tend to get a little more attention and feed away from the big girls)
Roscoe was out romping in the snow.. of course.
Took this next picture on the way to the mailbox.. our fence is brown, but it had a makeover last night.
I finally made it to the mailbox - doesn't look like the mail has ran yet, but it was a nice walk to the mailbox anyways!


  1. Enjoy the snow. The pics are beautiful. Hard to tell if they are old or new. Very well done. I need to come take some lessons from you.

  2. My snow is deeper, but your land is more beautiful! Glad to see you have just a pretty layer and are enjoying it. Kelly is right, your photos are lovely!

  3. We didn't get as much snow, so I'll have to enjoy yours. Maybe tonight, although it's supposed to turn to rain in the morning for awhile. That ought to make a fine mess.