Saturday, July 4, 2009

Ewe's Fluffy!

This is Carlie - probably the fluffiest ewe on the place here. No, most definitely the fluffiest. She is a yearling - out of our Moose. She wasn't bred last year, so she's one of the two ewes that didn't have a baby this year (the other being Lambie). She's one of the friendly pioneers here as well.. when no one else trusted us, she was exceptionally friendly, and continues to be the one that if i'm sitting in the field, she'll come up and lay down right next to where I'm sitting and put her head in my lap. She's a sweet ewe.

Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday weekend! Happy 4th.


  1. she's lovely! Her wools looks to have a nice sheen to it. Isn't it wonderful to have a cuddly ewe? Even better when the weather turns cold!

  2. What a beauty!!

    Give her a scratch from me...

  3. I wish our ewes were like that. They are new to the place but will come up to have their faces rubbed. The goats will run us down for love and kisses. Carlie is beautiful