Friday, July 31, 2009

Rain, rain, rain...

It seems like it's been raining for weeks.. we don't mind the rain, it sure beats a drought! Plus, it is a good excuse to get things done indoors that would normally be neglected when the sun is shining.

The sheep don't seem to mind the rain either.. they generally stand out in it - even though they have sheep sheds and barns that they could go to for shelter. The rams generally will go to shelter when it rains, along with the dog and the goats, but the girls generally stay out in it. The goats hate to get wet! Which... brings us to this little "goat box" When we got the goats, it was before sheep, and sheep sheds, and the fencing to the barns... so Jack built a little goat box for them to sleep in and to have shelter. Keeping in mind, they were really small goats when we got them. Many times I have thought of getting rid of this little goat box because it's just not so pretty anymore, but seems when i'm close to throwing it on the burn pile it has a new use. (like the time i went out in the rain and saw little (big) lambie with her head in the box and the rest of her just out in the soaking rain. (now that was a picture) So, once again, I put off getting rid of that old box.

Then, two nights ago in the pouring rain, I noticed a set of eyes in the box when I checked on everyone for the evening.. assuming it was a lamb in there, I found the next morning that Hank had reclaimed his shelter. I was silly to think he had outgrown the little goat box!

Let it rain! (good luck getting out of there Hank)

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  1. We have sheep and goats now. The sheep are big girls. The goats are a bit spoiled. Alot spoiled if you listen to others in my family. The goats come in each night. If they don't, they baaaaa at the gait till I go out and let them in. I know, they are spoiled. But they are still my babies. Hank is a good boy.