Wednesday, October 17, 2012


It is fun to watch the lambs grow up and mature.   This is Josie and her ram lamb Josiah. Josie is the mother to some beautiful rams, Joe, Virgil, and LeRoy and this year is no exception.  

Meet Josiah all grown up.   Well.. not really "all" grown up, but his fall lamb picture.  
 He is sure a ram that likes to have his picture taken (much like his older brother LeRoy)   I took probably 20 pictures of him and he seemed to be posing for all of them.           
Reminds me of a picture I took of Lambie a few years ago...(up in the right hand corner of the blog page)    they seem to say, "wait, let me stand here by this tree, how's that?"

He will be one of the rams we use this fall for breeding.

LeRoy seems to be saying "it's about that time"

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