Sunday, September 30, 2012

Oh Sheep!

This time of year I'm pushing it to get things together for the Ky Wool Festival (coming up next weekend) and I sometimes have a post of what new things I'll be bringing to the festival. 

Not this post.

This is a "what I won't be bringing" kind of post.

I was finishing up shearing a few sheep tonight when Jack called me saying "I hope these pots here aren't the pots you were working on for the festival!"   I knew right away what he was talking about.  We have 2 lambs that I will turn loose in the morning and let them graze in the yard.  They don't cause problems (outside of today), and they stay in the yard.  Today however,  I sat these pots out in the shade because the pottery room had been so humid the pots weren't drying.  At the time, the two lambs were relaxing under the porch, so I didn't give this a lot of thought.  So much for not thinking!

oh was better than I anticipated.  Jack told me on the phone that EVERY pot was broken. (There were a lot of pots there, so 5 broken pots was a best case scenerio). 

I have been needing some mugs for the house so it will be a good opportunity to pull out that old "pottery repair" recipe and see if it still works and do some testing to see if the repairs hold up.    (And if it doesn't work, maybe I can treat myself to a new mug that is intact?)  

As far as the sheep go, it doesn't look like they ate any of the clay, but I am watching to be sure they don't have "pot" bellies!

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