Monday, April 30, 2012

Mr B.

I have been really behind on getting new lamb pictures posted.   We are up to 7 ewe lambs and 10 or 11 rams.  I thought we had just a few more ewes to lamb, but it's looking like some of last years lambs -the yearlings, might  be milking up  

This little guy spent a night in the house with us last week.   I don't like to take them away from their momma, but this little guy was pretty unresponsive out in the pasture.   I checked on him several times and it seemed that he wasn't getting milk.   His mother was very attentive to him, and while best case scenerio would have been to take him to the barn with his family,  I couldn't get his mother in there.   (his mom is  wild Alice)   I had Alice in the barn to shear her when she had her babies and it seemed like he was getting milk then, but a day later it seemed a different story.
 Thanks to some wonderful goats milk from my neighbor Marlene, this little guy was up and running in no time!

 I took him back to Alice the next morning when it seemed like he was going to be ok and while Alice was a little uncertain about it all at first, she welcomed him back.    I was able to get her in the barn finally the following day and we were able to get the vet out to take a look at her.  It seems one of her udders has been damaged.  I thought she had mastitis last year, and after gathering the supplies needed, I tested and it was negative for mastitis.   I'm not sure, but think that she might have had mastitis in an earlier year and I didn't catch it.
 Despite that, she is a beautiful, hardy ole gal.   The vet said she is fine, and while I thought I would have to retire her, his advice was that we could keep breeding her as long as we didn't mind bottle lambs.  She has beautiful lambs, but I didn't want to keep breeding her if this was a condition that was hard on her.

 As far as minding bottle lambs ?  Does it look like we mind bottle lambs?

I just hate bumming milk!  (yet that goats milk is some really great stuff!)  Marlene is so kind and has always been so generous with her supply of goats milk.   We appreciate it and this little guy ? well, it keeps him coming back! 
Although he seems to hate to say goodbye, his mother is calling and he knows we'll be back in a little while.   Go ahead little guy - go be a lamb!

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  1. Oh, too cute and yes, that goat milk is THE WAY TO GO. You are lucky!