Monday, April 2, 2012

Gray/Moorit Ram Lamb

Lambie had her lamb today. Her lambing record is pretty consistent: 1,1,1, ram, ram, ram. Her first lambing was a white lamb, 2nd year (last year) was a black lamb, and this year, she's had this lovely little gray moorit lamb.

I didn't realize Lambie carried the moorit gene, so that was a surprise. I guess a real surprise from her now would be twin ewes next year!


  1. Lambie's my favorite :-). What a handsome lamb.

  2. Hmmm... she's done all rams in all colors. Definitely time for a run of 3 ewes in all colors. Just let her know and I'm sure she'll accommodate. My goats love to get as big as barrels and then only pop out 1 kid or stay slim as a fence post and pop out 3. Just to keep me guessing!