Thursday, April 19, 2012

More Lambs

Out of 11 lambs, we are up to 3 ewe lambs. Fortunately we have several more ewes to lamb yet.

This little gal is one of Carlies' angels.

This is her sister:

This cute fella belongs to DiDi (from the lamb that had a broken leg/surgery, etc a couple of years ago)

And this is his adorable brother:

And this cutie is mine. He's been such a great helper. He showed me today that he can catch the lambs by himself now. (which is a skill that will be very helpful this fall come shearing time!) He sure loves to "hold the b mom!" "hold the b!"


  1. They're ALL adorable!
    I can't believe how big Wyatt's gotten!

  2. All adorable! Cant wait to see what you bring to the festival!