Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snowed In

With all the snow, the girls just stuck their head out the door to see what I had for them, they chose to stay in today.

The little rams on the other hand were out in the snow quite a bit.

Myrtle didn't seem to mind the snow either (she's in the pen with the little boys and pretty much is just where they are)

And what time i wasn't out tromping in the snow, I was all cozy and warm in the house with little Wyatt. He had his one month check-up yesterday with his doctor. He is a solid 13 pounds now and 24-1/2".. just like they say "growing like a weed!"


  1. It looks like everything is just right there. Wyatt is truly gorwing like a weed.

  2. Lovely pictures of your snow covered sheep. Did you have treats in your hand that they looked at you so intently?

    Can you believe how Wyatt has grown so much in his first month! How wonderful to have such a beautiful, healthy baby. I do hope you have plenty of clothing the next size up!

  3. Hey Alice! I hope that all is well your way! (schools out - snow day!! hope you're enjoying the extra time off) :)

    No treats, just hay.. sometimes they have treats but my hands were full packing warm water (i guess that was a treat!)

  4. Aw, no fair. You got more snow than we did. We're just really opposed to really cold and really pretty. Keeping my fingers crossed that all our waterers stay thawed.