Thursday, November 12, 2009

Wool Drying

In anticipation of getting a drum carder soon, I have been washing a lot of wool!

This particular little bundle of wool is from "lambie" who was hand shorn with the old fashioned blades last month. (as I sat on the ground or on a bucket next to her.. next April.. shearing school!)

I enjoy hand shearing, and it seems that the sheep sort of enjoy the special attention as well, but hopefully next year i'll be able to set them on their rumps and shear a little faster! Considering it took 2 days to shear all of Lambie, it wouldn't be hard to break that record! (there is still a ewe running around out there 2/3's sheared.. )


  1. Your wool looks like a cloud of fluff! Very nice.

  2. The wool looks so nice and clean. I give you credit for hand shearing but, I can not imagine any of our girls staying still for it. I'm hopeing that the next generation will be more used to human contact will allow things like petting, kissing, and even a little lap sitting. I may be confusing our sheep with our goats! I'm not sure the Icelandics will even tolerate that. I don't think my back would tolerated hand shearing.
    Great job!

  3. I haven't washed my Lambie sample yet, but it's so clean it almost doesn't need it. Beautiful fleece!

  4. Hello Tonya! Beautiful wool from beautiful Lambie! What does she look like after being sheared? Hope you and the baby are doing great!

  5. Hey Jewels, I guess enough time has passed to take a picture of lambie now.. I was giving her a little time for her wool to grow out before I took any pictures of her! She was probably a little self conscious about the cut i gave her. lol. I hope your Dad is doing good. Good to hear from you.