Wednesday, November 11, 2009

So tell me again..

why can't the sheep get to the new barn?

This was the project that Jack worked on last year.. building a new barn. For those who know Jack, he likes to build stuff! So, this is Jacks barn. Mine is the old crooked one by the road that is full of junk! (and a pottery room!) (by the way, I like the old crooked barn!) Jack mentioned replacing the old barn with a new one, so this is a compromise - a new one down over the hill!

Or.. as it appears from this angle, 'up' the hill!

Part of Jacks selling point was "we'll put the sheep in this part" ... well, who wouldn't go for that?

Only, a lot of fencing had to be done first - which leads to his fencing project this year.
He had an excavator come and clear out a path thru the woods where he could run a fence, and open up a new pasture - partially wooded, the sheep will love that! And best of all, they will have access to the new barn this winter! (well.. not so fast)

The fence was ready - coincidentally, just in time for our cows! So, for convenience, we put them in the new barn and the new pasture - which is separated by the sheep lot with just a temporary fence.

And oh yes, here it is.. the reason the sheep will stay on the pasture that they are on for a while longer... burrs!

(fortunately, the burrs come off the cows rather easily - much nicer than they could come out of wool!)

So the cows can keep the new barn and the burrs (for now) the sheep will be just fine on this side of the fence. However, looks like a big spring project is waiting! (fyi - I hear that a vinegar and salt water solution works wonders on killing burrs and weeds!)

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