Saturday, November 21, 2009

Recycling again..

In an effort to get the wool off the kitchen table, kitchen chairs, ... (we've all been there, right?)

This simple drying rack was made from salvaged closet racks that were removed from a closet during a remodel. The lumber was remnants of 1" lumber that was ripped down, and in the fire pile. Well.. I actually took them out of the fire pile a week or so ago in hopes to find a purpose for them. I had originally thought of using 2x4 lumber to make a drying rack, but these worked perfect! (and 2x4s would have made this too heavy to move around as easy) The rack seems to work well for it's purpose, I only wish I had not nailed the side pieces - I think it could have easily folded up and fit under the bed when not in use. (but when it comes down to it, when will it not be in use?) I am thinking that when it is not being used for wool, it would be a great for drying pottery on -which is why i saved the wire shelves to begin with.
The basket is a fun find from a fridge/freezer that had been thrown away. (actually the old freezer had 2 of them in it) Anyways, it matches.. and even if it didn't.. it's getting re-purposed!
Total cost of the project? You guessed it.. plus, it's great to use up that 'fire pile' lumber!


  1. It's awesome! I salvaged some old chicken wire panels that are 4x8 that were part of an old duck trap pen that was being destroyed at work. They work perfectly to skirt wool and dry wool on and they were free as well. Yours is much prettier though!

  2. Great way to re-invent something to suit your own needs. I might need to make some of these. My usual fleece drying equipment involves the hammock!