Sunday, August 23, 2009

Lamb and Wool Post...

Wow.. it's been forever since I posted, I thought I would take some pictures today of the lambs, and do a little update on them. First, I have to say that it's been a rough two weeks with that darn barberpole worm. The past two years we used Prohibit (levasole) wormer which worked wonderful and was taken off the market last year (not sure why? ). This year, we have been using Garlic Barrier and more recently Diatamaceous Earth - and different chemical wormers when necessary. We have found that the chemical wormers have been useless this year. Our vet said that Cydectin was the only thing working these days, however it's not labeled for use in lambs under 4 months old - and I really couldn't tell a huge difference when I used it on a few of the adult sheep we have here. Fortunately, the majority of our adults have a good resistance to the barberpole, and only one of our original 10 ewes needed wormed at all this season. We're still looking forward to fall though when this worm season will be over.

Remember Ziggy?

That's little Virgil there next to him. We'll be keeping Ziggy as a ram and we'll keep Virgil as a wether. We'll be offering Ziggys twin Henry for sale this year. (I hope to have a website up and running within the next month)

Ziggy curls.


And this is our Dottie. She has just recently become friendly - she's really a beautiful lamb.

This is little Emma.. another sweet little ewe.

LeRoy curls (we'll be keeping LeRoy too as a wether)


Brother Virgil curls

And this is handsome Howie
He has the most beautiful wool of any little ram that we've ever had...

His wool is dreamy soft!
There's several other lambs out there that I'll be posting an update on soon...
Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer!


  1. Nothing beats the beautiful fall fleeces of the Icelandics! Don't you almost hate to shear it all off?
    You can order "Big L" from Australia, which is the same as prohibit. Shipping is quick, but expensive. We have used Cydectin on lambs with no ill effect. It's been a rough couple of weeks here, too! Hang in there! Fall is in the air!