Thursday, May 21, 2009

Two sticks of nails..

+ some lumber we had laying around, + the better part of a day = shelves in the pottery room. Jack would have had them done in no time, but it takes a little longer for me to get things put together. They're no frills, but they were much needed. I have shelves in the 'other' pottery room, but I have since invaded Jacks workshop (where it's heated in the winter!) (Thanks Jack)
But the real accomplishment is that I have energy enough to start and finish a project. Jack and I are expecting a baby and I have just been down right tired! It's fun to have energy again. And, I finished the shelves without a

Speaking of being pregnant...
This is Josie, and she is due tomorrow - if she is indeed pregnant. I think she

Meanwhile, we have Cheyenne that is due today - She's the one pictured on my profile. I'll update with lamb pictures when they get here.

Here is Henry and Ziggy meeting Roscoe. The lambs have been in a separate / maternity field, and have just met the dog. Looks like Roscoe is trying to ignore them.. probably thinking with all the additions, he needs a raise!

Ziggy again. (ok, he's my favorite)
Our other 2 ram lambs have names now - Frank and Jesse. (Jack just realized last night that he hadn't named them yet...they're only 3 weeks old. It's ok, right? I mean, isn't there even shepherds out there that never name their sheep? Gasp.. ... say it isn't so) My guess is, if you blog about your sheep, they have names.

And of course, the latest iris sightings...

Hope everyone is enjoying the summer-like weather!


  1. Tonya,
    When I was little, the old lady that lived across the road from us had irises everywhere, all different varieties. When I look at your iris photos, I can almost smell those irises again. Thanks for bringing back such great memories for me!

  2. Tonya,

    Happy Memorial Day weekend! Your shelves look great - you did a fine job. Love all the new sheep shots and of course, the iris. Are you doing anything next Wednesday? If not, I'll call you to discuss our new farm market where you might want to go to sell some pictures?